What is the fulfillment policy? How do I get my files after I purchase?

Once you order the bundle, you will be sent an email to the email address that YOU provided with a link to access the download page. 

You can download each file individually (this is recommended) or try the download all button.  The download all button might not get them all depending on what browser you use and your internet connection, but you can still download any missing items that you see. It might not work also if there are too many files to download. Use your discretion and double check to make sure you got ALL the files. Trying different browsers or devices might help if you have issues, you can also email support at blessings@ultimaterawveganbundle.com for further assistance. 

You have 1 year to download the content after purchasing - at which point you will no longer have access to the download link. 

Once the content is on your device however, you can open and use it as long as you like and as many times as you like after that. Many items are mini courses and you will need to read the instructions inside each PDF. If there are any issues with individual creators content (can't find code, can't log in, etc) please reach out to the individual creator for assistance as we cannot assist with their products.

If you need help resetting your download limits (you get 10 on each item) you can email us as well with your order number from your receipt. 

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How do I contact support for this bundle?

What is the privacy policy?

We, here at the bundle, will not share your email address with anyone. 

THAT SAID, if you sign up for any of the courses that are part of the bundle, you will likely be put onto the email list of that specific contributor but you can always unsubscribe anytime you like from any of the lists you sign up to. As stated again, we, here at the bundle itself, will NOT share your email with anyone. They are private. You will only ever get an email from us if there are any bundle updates (swapping old PDF files for new ones with corrected mistakes, etc)

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What are the Terms of Service?

Once you order the bundle you have ONLY ONE YEAR to download the content. Please do so in a timely manner before your year is up because after the year is up, that's it. Once you have downloaded the files though, you can access and open them unlimited times as long as you keep the files safe and don't delete them. This is why we recommend backing up the files. We will keep the files up for you to download but after the one year, you can no longer download the content so it is highly recommended that you download everything you need as soon as possible and back up the files in a safe place like Google Drive, Dropbox, USB or external drive. 

We, here at the bundle, are not responsible for the content provided by each contributor. If there is an issue with a certain contributors content (link not working, not able to access or any other problem with their respectful content) please reach out to the creator of the piece of content to get further assistance. 

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What is the Refund Policy?


This bundle will only be available once this year - May 1 - 12 2024

REFUND POLICY: Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be NO refunds issued, and no exceptions unless the bundle was ordered twice by accident with proof at which point we will refund the duplicate order. Please read through the website and through each item and make sure you really want to buy this bundle before you buy it. These are electronic, digital ebooks & ecourses, NOT ACTUAL PHYSICAL COPIES! Once your payment is complete, you should receive an email with a download link. You are able to download your files anytime within 1 year from the date of purchase. Once the year is up, you cannot download them again. So, please ALWAYS download all content AND backup your files after downloading them on the cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or external USB or hard drive. 

If you have further issues, contact us at • blessings@ultimaterawveganbundle.com

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Fulfillment Policy

As soon as you order the bundle, you will receive an email from SendOwl Downloads or Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle (please check spam folder) where you can download the content at your leisure for 1 year after bundle purchase date.  

If you however, do not get an email, there might have been a typo in your email address at which point please email us with your order number and email address to blessings@ultimaterawveganbundle.com and we will do everything we can to fix and get you the download link for the content you are purchasing. 

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